Tracy Harrison and her team of health and wellness counselors help people to eat on purpose and to live on purpose. Because most of us don’t.

The average American eats out of convenience, based on what’s on sale, often haphazardly, or even mindlessly. This would be fine except it turns us into the average American: exhausted, overweight, on medications with aggravating side effects, headed toward chronic disease, and on the couch, unable to pursue the life you most want.

Despite what you might hear in the media, it does not have to be that way!

You do not have to be sick.

You do not have to feel exhausted.

You can heal your body.

Hiding dog being small
When I Stopped Trying to Be Small
happy mature woman larger
Preventing and Reversing Arterial Plaque?
Got Milk? Need Milk?
Weight Loss: Sharing my Secrets
morning sunshine
Remind me Again: Vitamin D?
Make time to savor your indulgences. Make them last!
Have You Lost the Art of Savoring?
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Especially in the cold months, most of us are going to cozy up on the couch after dinner vs. heading out for a jog or even a brisk walk.  We simply exercise less.  A good strategy to avoid packing on the pounds (particularly during the winter) is to lighten up at dinner. Keep yourself light… Read More »


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