Tracy Harrison and her team of health and wellness counselors help people to eat on purpose and to live on purpose. Because most of us don’t.

The average American eats out of convenience, based on what’s on sale, often haphazardly, or even mindlessly. This would be fine except it turns us into the average American: exhausted, overweight, on medications with aggravating side effects, headed toward chronic disease, and on the couch, unable to pursue the life you most want.

Despite what you might hear in the media, it does not have to be that way!

You do not have to be sick.

You do not have to feel exhausted.

You can heal your body.

Purpose Celebration
Why I’m so Passionate about Living-on-Purpose
Simple Solutions for Indigestion
bread loaf
Gluten Sensitivity Myth-Busting?
leaping goldfish
Trapped Under Something Old and Heavy?
how do we sleep
Secrets and Solutions to Sound Sleep
broccoli stalks
Cancer Prevention in Your Fridge? Yes, Really!
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Oh wow, I invented this recipe yesterday to take to a friend’s house for dinner.  And they were a big hit!  Light, chewy, and slightly sweet.  Delicious with fresh rooibos or darjeeling tea.  This vegan recipe will be a hit for all true cookie lovers, and you definitely won’t miss the eggs and dairy. 1.5 cups… Read More »


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