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Strawberry Bummer!

Hi! There are many myths promoted about organic vs. conventional foods, and I’ve written about them before.  As usual, the popular media can be over-the-top in any direction. This week I thought I’d share some thoughts in person (it’s been a while!), so I’m on video for a little fun with myth-busting. Do you know why… Read More »

Lessons from Asparagus Pee?

Happy May! Spring marches onward, and nature is truly busting out with vitality.  As often happens, I am naturally seeking out more green myself too… leafy greens and fresh herbs and asparagus!  One of my favorite vegetables.  At least now, as an adult.  My Granny always served them out of a can (ACK – mushy… Read More »

Migraine Lasting Relief ?

Migraine is the most common type of neurovascular headache.  And it can be extremely debilitating.  Unfortunately, the most common drugs used to “treat” them can have major, long-term side effects in the GI tract which tends to create disease elsewhere. For real-time migraine relief, it’s important to take action as soon as the first inklings… Read More »

Preventing Arterial Plaque?

You would think that if a specific vitamin had actually been shown in clinical study to reduce cardiovascular disease risk by 50% (yes, half!) that it would be a major news headliner, right?  Right up there with the latest drug?  Not so much!  But I expect we will start to hear much more from the… Read More »

Busting out this Spring?

Hi – Happy April ! Usually epiphanies about life touch us in unexpected places.  Touchstone moments that can be easily lost in the shuffle.  I find it pays to be alert.  I was visiting my Mom, my brother Rob, and his lovely wife Bonny in Memphis, TN this past weekend.  Lots of fun.  Deeelicious food.  And… Read More »

pain and discomfort from hormone imbalance PCOS, Insulin, Testosterone, and Vinegar?

The standard American (or SAD) diet has many downfalls and linkages to chronic disease.  One of the most common is the creation of insulin resistance, a dynamic in which your cells are unable to access the glucose in your blood for fuel.  If insulin resistance is allowed to persist, you end up with too little… Read More »

Dissolving Gallstones

Even savvy, well-educated health seekers are often surprised at just how many natural remedies have been studied in medical research.  And in many cases, not just hypothetical or animal research but actual controlled, clinical human trials.  Here is a powerful example: d-limonene. As with so many other natural remedies, D-limonene is not “rocket science”.  It’s a simple… Read More »

Yes, the Packaging Matters!

Sometimes clinical studies are so provocative and clear-cut in their findings that it stops me in my tracks.  And absolutely requires sharing!  Because of obvious issues with ethics, we don’t often get to see the results of fully controlled studies about toxicity.  That is, where a blinded portion of the participants consume something that the… Read More »

Rich in flavonols, real chocolate is a healthy choice for eating in purpose! Chocolate: Yes or No?

A friend of mine looked at this article headline and said, “Uhm – is that really a valid question?  Isn’t chocolate like breathing?  A requirement for survival?” While some folks’ attitude about chocolate is an ambivalent take-it-or-leave-it, others crave and dream (literally) about the delectable flavor, soothing consistency, and calming feeling they get from eating… Read More »

Grains: health dynamo or demon?

This week, let’s talk about the most popular food, at least in the modern western world: grains.  Please note I am not just talking about wheat or gluten.  Rather, all things made with grains, the seeds of grass plants.  Wheat, corn, barley, rice…  In the modern western diet, this includes primarily things made with grain flour e.g…. Read More »

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