Back to School; Back to Fundamentals

tracy-on-the-trailHi – Happy Autumn!

Sometimes our wellness explorations can stray into more esoteric concepts without first covering the basics.  In our effort to be more educated or “advanced”, we miss out on the fundamentals.  We see this all the time in our Purpose individual client work.  Addressing microbial imbalance in the gut is just not as important as getting a solid night’s sleep – consistently.  Hormone rebalancing is only going to be so effective for mood improvement if a person isn’t drinking enough plain, clean water each day.   Boosting metabolism runs out of steam if the daily diet still contains highly processed, nutrient-poor foods.

This month, I want to share a study that I have been anxiously *waiting* to be published!  You might not think about your clothing choices are being fundamental: much less your undergarments?  Be sure to check out this week’s article about the impact of tightly fitting bras, your lymph system, and a woman’s risk of breast cancer.

Registration is now open for our Awesome Autumn Cleanse, and we are already a third full.  Consider joining us as a focused, supported way to get back on track with your wellness – and prepared for a high-energy, no-sickness winter.

Lastly, as the leaves start to change, I crave warm flavors and especially pumpkin.  Enjoy this week’s recipe – one of my favorite afternoon snacks with a steamy mug of tea.  I sprinkle a few toasted walnuts on top.  That’s me in the picture enjoying a cool morning hike; can you see the massive spider web I managed to *not* walk through?  It’s a wonderful time of year to get outdoors, reconnect with nature, and simply breathe.  Another powerful fundamental.

Eat on purpose.  Live on purpose.  Choose to Be well!