Busting out this Spring?

Spring Tree 3 Hi – Happy April !

Usually epiphanies about life touch us in unexpected places.  Touchstone moments that can be easily lost in the shuffle.  I find it pays to be alert.  I was visiting my Mom, my brother Rob, and his lovely wife Bonny in Memphis, TN this past weekend.  Lots of fun.  Deeelicious food.  And a chance to see how spring is busting out in another part of the country.

Bonny and I took their awesome Husky (Sampson, the tail-wagging, kiss monster) for several walks around the community.  A flowering extravaganza.  I was really struck by this one gorgeous tree in their neighbor’s yard.  Not only is it covered in beautiful pink flowers. But the flowers are literally growing up the trunk.  And I literally laughed out loud.  After all, if you’ve got beautiful pink flowers to share, why limit yourself to a few sparsely embellished branches?  Sure, there are many gnarly, worn roots.  And some dead limbs here and there.  But who cares?  Look at the flowers!  This tree is not settling for showing its true colors in a small, bashful way.  Busting out, indeed!Spring Tree 1

I was reminded that each of us is gifted with true colors.  Unique, curious, inspiring, delightful, stop-and-take-a-picture qualities.  And people are just waiting to be inspired by what we have to offer.  Inspired to smile.  To relax.  To open up and share what they too have to offer.  Maybe laughing out loud with delight.  Yet how many of us are living small?  Or in a reserved, self-conscious way?  Perhaps sharing only a few, meek examples of our exquisite flowers here and there.   Afraid that someone won’t think they are beautiful?   When indeed they are breathtaking.

This week I encourage you to lean into your own Spring.  Are you letting yourself bust out in the ways that are most joyful and most liberating to you?  A key part of living on purpose is not holding in your glorious colors.  When we repress our true nature and who we most want to be (worn roots and all), the body has to hold in all of that unexpressed potential.  And all the critical, insecure, self-judging thoughts we have about it too.  A big job.  And often the body struggles and starts to fail with the burden of that task.

Are you looking for a sign?  Okay: this is it.  Let go already.  Set yourself free.

Choose to Be Well.  I usually sign my emails with that valediction.  I imagine many people think mistakenly that I mean “be well” in the sense of being healthy.  Actually, I mean “Be” as in Be You.  Open up.  Live.  And do it Well.  Do it with gusto.  Fully expressed.  Uninhibited.  Showing all your true colors.  And let flowers grow up your trunk.  Let the world stop and take a picture.  And marvel at your beauty.

Eat on purpose.  Live on purpose.  Choose to Be well.


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