Can Brazil nuts help a sluggish thyroid?

brazil nuts

Hi Tracy,

 You’ve been working with one of my neighbors on weight loss and getting her thyroid to work better. We had coffee the other day, and she started munching on some brazil nuts. It’s funny – these are the big ones in the “mixed nut” bag that I usually push aside, right? But I was surprised when my friend said brazil nuts were one of things you actually “prescribed” to her for thyroid support. Really? What’s so special about brazil nuts? I want to know if I’m missing an opportunity in my snack.

Thanks, Am I Nuts?


Thanks for your question! One of the largest problems with typical thyroid medication (for hypothyroidism) is that it only provides T4 hormone. The most bioactive form of thyroid hormone in your body is actually T3. If your body struggles to convert T4 into T3, you won’t get much relief from typical medication. Your body needs several key nutrients to convert T4 to T3 efficiently. One of them is selenium. Unfortunately, it is increasingly difficult to get sufficient minerals like selenium from our food. Large-scale commercial farming doesn’t involve crop rotation. And the resulting food is simply less nutritious and woefully lacking in minerals. Luckily, nature’s most abundant, edible source of selenium is common, tasty, and easy to store. Brazil nuts. Just 3 or 4 as a snack will give you a generous daily dose of selenium – and help your thyroid to give you abundant energy.


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Tracy is PHENOMENAL! I have recently taken several of her “Eating on Purpose” courses and have been amazed at her teaching abilities and the wealth of information she has to share. I have begun to take control of my health and life by putting into practice the many facts that Tracy has been teaching me. It has been an absolutely amazing & eye-opening education with her…and her teaching style is fantastic. She is warm, giving, extremely knowledgeable, and on a mission to educate and help people make lifestyle eating changes that will assist them in taking back their lives.

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