Curcumin: an Effective Cancer Therapy?

Hi Tracy –

 Thanks for the article about curcumin. I’ve read somewhere too, I think, that it is useful for cancer therapy. Is that true? Can you tell me some more about that?


Curcumin Curious

Yes, you are right! Literally dozens of studies have explored and proven curcumin’s cancer-fighting power. As I shared in last month’s feature, curumin is a powerful anti-inflammatory herb.  In low doses, curcumin also functions as an anti-oxidant. But in high doses, curcumin exerts a strong pro-oxidant effect, creating free radicals that can kill cancer cells. As you may already know, cancer cells cannot thrive in an oxygen-rich environment, and curcumin can flood them with oxygen. Curcumin also down-regulates a powerful inflammation regulator in the body called NF-kappa B.  This effect also makes conventional treatment like chemo and radiation more effective, and curcumin helps to protect normal cells from radiation. You can easily find fascinating, free webinars on this topic. If you want to know more, let me know, and I’ll also send you an in-depth report of the research I’ve compiled on this topic. Dr. Aggarwal, a cancer professor at the University of Texas’ Anderson Cancer Center, recommends cancer patients take up to 2 grams of curcumin 3-4x/day. In the absence of an allergy to the herb, no toxicity has been found in curcumin in doses well over 10 grams/day.


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In meeting with Tracy, I found her advice to be not only comprehensive but also fascinating and educational. I was already very aware of the dangers of processed foods (staying away from them is hard with three kids!), but Tracy taught me how to stay as close to nature as possible in all my food choices. I’m happy my children are adapting too. I also learned from Tracy about emotional eating and how to avoid falling into that trap. We also work on an exercise solution which has been my biggest hurdle. Tracy is definitely an asset to anyone who needs nutritional guidance; she is well-versed, educated, and thorough.

Ann Wilson
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