Disease Begins in the Gut: The Secrets to Finding G.I. Joy

The father of modern medicine, Hippocrates, put it succinctly in 400 BC, “All disease begins in the gut.” We see this in Purpose clients all the time…  The beginnings of diabetes, cancer, alzheimers, autoimmune disease, asthma can often be traced back to gastrointestinal dysfunction.  Not to mention chronic IBS, colitis, diverticulitis, and other inflammatory bowel disease.

Not only is the gut where our body does (or doesn’t) absorb the nutrients required to run all of our physiology.  It’s also where over 2/3 of our immune system is housed…either calm and relaxed or upset and inflamed.  And potentially spreading systemic inflammation throughout the body!  Even if you have no GI symptoms, dysfunction there may already be predisposing you to chronic inflammatory symptoms or disease.

Belly IBS gutIf you do have symptoms, it’s important to take repetitive GI disturbance seriously.  Get to the root cause and make it go away.   Just popping a pill to eliminate the symptoms is not removing the simmering inflammation source!  To keep the rest of your body healthy and vital throughout your life, you need a healthy GI tract and function.   Unfortunately, Americans are experiencing an epidemic of GI discomfort, pain, and disease. Increasingly we turn to medications for a little relief but no true healing. But it doesn’t have to be that way.  Our clients actually heal themselves of chronic GI issues such as diarrhea,  constipation, IBS, GERD, diverticulitis, gas and bloating, and pain and cramping. Learn the common myths, true sources, and solutions (without drugs!) of these American epidemics.

If you suffer from GI ailments (or simply want to avoid getting them in the future), join us for this fascinating and effective program in three short weeks!  Tracy is particularly passionate about helping you get your gut in optimal working order. Disease begins in the gut BUT so does wellness!  Don’t postpone feeling fantastic.  Registration includes life-time access to seminar recordings and ongoing access to open coaching calls with Tracy for follow-up questions and guidance.