Fish-like Substances?

Franken Fish. Are you prepared to eat it? The US government is about to decide whether or not you will buy genetically-modified salmon – and whether or not it has to be labeled as such. Are you prepared to not know what you’re eating, much less how it will affect your health? Learn more about what’s at hand and what’s at stake for salmon.

There are definitely advantages to genetic modification of (GMO) foods. Disease prevention, fasting growing cycle, greater production, etc. And they are well-touted by companies who stand to benefit. But we are mucking with the process of evolution in foods that has taken place alongside humans for tens of thousands of years. We are already seeing the disaster of GMO seeds (e.g. soybeans, corn) as wild type variants are being completely crowded out. When all of your food comes from a single strain of a plant, and that plant develops a catastrophic disease, what happens to your food supply? Remember the Irish potato famine?And we are a long way from understanding the long-term health effects of GMO foods.

The larger problem is that once you allow living things (much less moving and swimming things like fish) to be genetically-modified, you cannot control their reproduction. We cannot prevent the spread of their genes to all populations around the world, eventually eliminating the protection of biodiversity and the possibility (much less the certainty) of getting a real, wild species. I believe this is a giant experiment with human health. Remember Jurassic Park? Scientists thought they could contain the creatues on one island? But life finds a way. No matter how much precaution you take, there are some risks that just aren’t worth the short-term benefits. Engineered seeds and creatures escape. Companies apologize for disasters. But consequences can’t be taken back.

Most people don’t really understand what has happened to our food supply at the level of seeds and the patented control of seed DNA (actually *owned*) by corporations. I highly recommend the movie The Future of Food (watch it on-line for free if you can endure a couple of quick ads). Let your entire family join you.

There is right now a rare opportunity for each of us to make a difference by taking action. The FDA on-line website is open for comments. It only takes a couple of minutes – literally.  Please seize the moment and add your comments now – before it’s too late.