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Happy Summer!

I love celebrating.  At Purpose our clients continue to experience major breakthroughs in their wellness.  Lately, we’ve seen a woman proudly lose 50+ pounds (after getting rid of her insulin resistance and finally balancing her hormones).  Another client is finally rid of chronic stomach cramps and pain (we got to the bottom of her food sensitivities and imbalances in the microbes in her gut).  Using functional medicine knowledge is powerful in helping individuals to truly get to the bottom of their challenges.

Most of you know that, beyond Purpose, I am also deeply passionate about educating other healthcare practitioners in the science and practical application of functional medicine.  I know without a doubt that the future of effective healthcare is the powerful combination of functional medicine and coaching (which gives individuals the inspiration, education, and empowerment they need to finally be in charge of their own wellness, proactively).  Well, it’s time to give you an exciting update!

Way back in 2011, I started a humble little school online teaching 17 colleagues.  Today,  I am both delighted and grateful to share that my vision has become a powerful force for change in healthcare.  Today, The School of Applied Functional Medicine (SAFM) offers advanced training opportunities and a certification program to a rich variety of healthcare practitioners throughout the US and in dozens of other countries.  Our students include nurses, nutritionists, health coaches, physicians, nurse practitioners, physical therapists, counselors, midwives, pharmacists, bodywork specialists, and many more.  While our team can serve hundreds of clients here at Purpose, the thousands of practitioners we can reach via SAFM are truly creating a movement.  A movement for Good Medicine!   I invite you to check it out.  (I am especially proud of the video at the top of the home page there; click to play. 🙂 )

Several months ago, I shared with you some heartfelt thoughts on unexpected pathways to happiness.  As I celebrate this summer a full decade in this wonderful career of service here at Purpose, I am pleased to share with you the long-awaited (thank you for your patience) Part 2 of this article.  I hope it brings you some powerful insight and inspiration. Enjoy!

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Eat on purpose.  Live on purpose.  Choose to Be well!