Summer Delights?

Watermelon breakfastGood morning!

This is a picture of my breakfast today.  The cold, crisp watermelon is a lovely contrast to the warm breeze already coming in the window at 6:30am.  Crunchy pumpkin seeds add texture and protein.  In truth, I never enjoy fruit for breakfast in any of the other seasons.  But during the summer, either fresh melon or berries really make me feel fantastic to greet the sultry day.

wild berriesAre you allowing your diet to shift with the seasons?  If we allow the natural change to flow (vs. forcing an ongoing habit), most of us tend to eat differently during each season.  This is a great time of year to experiment with new and different choices.  One of our clients has found that his more active summer lifestyle fits well with two eggs and fresh-from-his-garden tomatoes each morning (vs. hot cereal in the winter).  Another client savors a fresh peach from the tree in her yard along with a handful of almonds and walnuts.  Several of our clients enjoy a fruity protein shake on the warmer, earlier mornings of summer.  Try to approach your food choices this week more intuitively and purposefully.  What makes you feel fantastic?  Your optimal food choices should fuel you well for at least a few hours and feel light in your body immediately and long after you finish eating.

In particular, with persistent heat, many of us thrive with lighter meals, especially for dinner.  This is also a great way to allow your body to be naturally thinner during the warm months. This week’s recipe is a long-time favorite and perfect accompaniment for evenings outdoors with the grill.

So many of us are enjoying vacation and more relaxed time this month.  Savor it!

Eat on purpose.  Live on purpose.  Choose to Be well.