The Best Medicine

Senior couple joy wheelbarrowGood morning!

I am coming up for air to share something powerful.  Sometime that may make all the difference to you in being well and not.  The difference between feeling “fine” and feeling fantastic.

I am just back from ten days on the road, delivering a series of wellness seminars in Bermuda last week and taking part in a change agents’ retreat this week.  We also just finished up our Awesome Autumn Cleanse (woohoo!), and I ran two retreats in October and taught a new clinical course for practitioners.  So many events.  So many lovely people (and hugs).   All of them were opportunities for heartfelt exchange…and getting to some nitty gritty truths about wellness.

Yes, I am a scientist.  I have a deep understanding of the interconnected biochemical and physiological systems in the body and how they do (or don’t) create disease.  I understand the power of nutrition to create wellness (or not).  But there is a much more powerful dynamic at play in creating your personal wellness (or not).  A concept which may initially seem not-so-scientific to you – or even a bit woo-woo.  But in truth, this fact is deeply validated in research and scientific principles.  Here it is:

The body follows the mind and the heart.

Bottom line:  you can “do everything right” on the outside…nutrition, exercise, hygiene, sleep, healthy weight, water, etc..  And the outer experience of your body is still going to be a reflection of your inner life.  Your inner peace (or not).  Your inner joy (or not).  Your inner trust that you are safe (or not).  Your willingness to be your authentic self (or not).  Your inner satisfaction that you are living the life you truly most desire (or not).

My team and I at Purpose (or any one of the thousands of practitioners I educate) can all help you to start where you are, assess the dis-ease in your body, and then rebalance and restabilize your body systems.  Your symptoms go away.  Your labwork becomes optimal.  Your body finds peace.  At least temporarily.  But if you don’t do the inner work of freeing your true self and finding lasting peace in your heart and in your mind, then the body is simply going to gradually work itself back into another state of distress.  Maybe the same one.  Maybe a different one.  But a state of disease…a reflection of the disease in your inner world.

This week I’m sharing my greatest learning about happiness.  Six powerful, admittedly blunt and direct, concepts that have transformed my life.  Brought tremendous ease to my heart, to my mind, and thus to my body.   The best medicine I know.

Eat on purpose.  Live on purpose.  Choose to Be well!