Weight Loss: Sharing my Secrets

Happy New Year!  It’s the season of resolutions – usually set these weeks and unfortunately forgotten by February 1st.  If weight loss (or more importantly, body fat loss) is one of your primary, personal health goals, I have a special treat for you.

Many of you know that I am passionate about teaching functional medicine know-how to other health practitioners.  A while back, one of my students asked me to create a special webinar about weight loss.  She asked me to share the top pearls I have found which really make a difference in creating sustainable weight loss.  Well, I did what she asked, and this webinar has become one of my students’ favorite “practical tips” tools.

In wishing you a healthier 2018, I offer this webinar to all of you as my gift.  I hope it’s helpful and inspiring to you!  This time of year, there are SO many well-meaning people promoting the same old, saccharine, over-simplified guidance about weight loss.  On the internet.  In magazines.  On TV.  The problem is that it almost never works.  This presentation may give you the missing link you have been seeking to help you to finally achieve the body fat loss you’ve been seeking.  (Keep in mind this webinar was designed for practitioners, but you should easily be able to follow along with the concepts presented.)

Yes, I talk about food.  It does matter!  But more importantly, I talk about hormones.  And stress.  And inflammation.  Well beyond appropriate food choices, these other factors are actually much more powerful in boosting or busting your efforts.   In truth, if your hormones are imbalanced, you will not lose weight.  If your thyroid function is suboptimal, you will not lose weight.  If you struggle with chronic low-grade inflammation, you will really struggle to lose weight.  This is why weight loss may be a good initial motivation for getting healthier, but ultimately it must kick off a journey to get healthier overall, if you want the results to be substantial and sustainable.  Weight loss is often the last symptom relief – the final reward – that the body benefits from in finding true balance and wellness.  You get well first.  Then the body loses weight – and keeps it off.   Check out the webinar to learn more!

I wish you a vibrant, happy, peaceful, adventurous, and love-filled 2018!  Be Well.