Welcome to Issue 40 of our Newsletter!

Autumn’s here! Crisp morning air. Freshly sharpened pencils. Parachuting leaves. It all puts me in an academic mood, so I think it’s time for more myth-busting! And this month, I’m going to tackle a major area of health deception today: high blood pressure and salt. Wow, are we confused about this topic! What you hear in the media is just not true. What your doctor is telling you to do may be more harmful than helpful. Keep reading to learn some facts that might surprise you.

Fall is a busy time here at Purpose! Be sure to check out our many planned events, including an Awesome Autumn Cleanse. I recommend a cleanse in the spring and autumn to reduce inflammation in your body. Lose a few pounds, get rid of aches and pains, and avoid winter colds by cleaning out the gunk now. This class sold out in the Spring, so don’t wait to sign up. Plus you could win a free juicer!

Eat on Purpose. Live on Purpose. You CAN be truly well.