Why Does My Nose Run Constantly?

You shouldn't need to use these all the time!

Hi Tracy,

I got a serious problem with post nasal drip. Any ideas on what causes it or what I can do to make it stop? I don’t have a cold or anything; I just have to constantly blow my nose or clear my throat. When I get a cold, it’s even worse.  But I basically have it all year long.


Post Nasal Drip, Drip, Drip


Unfortunately, your discomfort is common – and a typical symptom of chronic inflammation. Your body is daily exposed to something it finds threatening. Sometimes, this is a food.  Sometimes, this is a household allergen. In the winter and early springtime, we keep our houses shut up tight for warmth. Be sure to fully air out your house at least once a week, regardless of the temperature.

In my practice I find the most typical cause of chronic post nasal drip is dairy foods. Yes, milk, cream, cheese, yogurt, etc.. I highly recommend you try eliminating these foods for 2+ weeks and see how you feel. To get a good result, you really need to eliminate them 100%. Be sure to look for hidden sources in processed foods (e.g. casein, whey). I know it sounds hard, but you can do it! Many of my clients have found great relief this way.  Here is a Dairy Elimination Client Handout which might be a helpful guide.


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The girls really enjoyed the program you offered! I think that you have a really great way with pre-teen girls. They LOVED your hands-on approach. They absorbed much of the material on sugar too – two of the moms commented on how well versed their daughters were on sugar content and healthy food/drink choices. I am looking forward to working with you again!

Deb Dionne
Girl Scout troop leader
Hopkinton, MA