On-Line Seminars

Here at Purpose, we are particularly passionate about education.  We believe that any person can potentially recover from their ailments and inflammatory symptoms if they are armed with

  • accurate functional medicine information, shared in a way that is easy to understand
  • inspiration and a belief in their own ability to heal
  • specific ideas on how to support their biochemistry in recovering from its imbalance/blockage

Some of our clients are relatively well and looking to stay that way, while others are struggling and seeking more detailed support with their journey.  In an effort to provide a mix of services to suit our clients’ various needs, we offer a few different online seminars focused on specific wellness challenges.  These are available for purchase and can be experienced at any time after their initial, live presentation.  Once you purchase a course, you will have personal, unlimited access to it.

Each course features a Two-hour streaming webinar rich with physiology, biochemistry, and labwork (explained in way you can understand) and specific lifestyle recommendations.  Plus handouts with additional information and specific implementation ideas, where applicable.

Course descriptions and registration links are below.  Each course fee is $95.  Upon registration, you will receive email information from our team the next business day with access instructions.

Live on purpose!  Take charge of the quality of your future and join us on your own wellness journey.

  • Disease Begins in the Gut: Secrets to Finding G.I. Joy
    Belly IBS gutThe father of modern medicine, Hippocrates, put it succinctly in 400 BC, “All disease begins in the gut.” We see this in Purpose clients all the time…  The beginnings of diabetes, cancer, Alzheimers, autoimmune disease, asthma can often be traced back to gastrointestinal dysfunction. Not to mention dis-ease, pain, bloating, dysmotility, cramping, or inflammation in the gut itself.  Our clients actually heal themselves of chronic GI issues such as diarrhea,  constipation, IBS, GERD, diverticulitis, gas and bloating, and pain and cramping. And in the process, they are reducing their risk of downstream dis-ease elsewhere in the body.  Learn the common myths, true sources, and solutions (without drugs!) of some of these American epidemics.
Price: $95.00


  • Diabetes Be Gone!  A New Beginning  Portrait of mature woman
    Type II Diabetes is truly an epidemic! In fact, the majority of Americans wrestle with this diagnosis, or the threat of it, including pre-diabetes every day. In this seminar, you’ll learn the surprising typical causes of diabetes, why conventional medical treatment often does not work, and why most nutrition guidelines and treatment with insulin are making your health prognosis worse, not better. What supplements really make a difference in diabetes? What do you need to know about the dangers of common diabetes medications and insulin therapy? I’ll show you lifestyle changes that actually work. I don’t want to help you to “manage” your diabetes better. I would like to help you to get rid of it!  If you don’t yet have full-blown diabetes and want to avoid it, this class it for you too!  Take charge of your future. You have a choice.
Price: $95.00


  • Aging doesn't have to bring angst! Learn how to stay slim, sane, and strong.Staying Slim, Spirited, Strong, & Sexy: Serious Myth-Busting about Women’s Vitality
    There is so much confusion in the media about healthy aging. A client of mine once said something funny – but sadly true for many – “Television ads make me feel like I need to take 4 or 5 medications to keep from getting fat, stooped, depressed, and frail before I’m 70!” Indeed, it just doesn’t have to be that way! This session is perfect for any woman in your 40s, 50s, 60s, and beyond. Don’t wait until you’re “up there” to learn what you can do early on to Thrive as you age. Learn the common myths and startling truths about how to stay slim, happy, energetic, and strong as we age. I love myth-busting! And this topic is chock-full. We cover common concerns like belly fat, bone density, hormones, libido, and cancer.

Price: $95.00


  • Is your thyroid working against your weight and energy goals?The Mighty Thyroid: Why It’s Keeping you Overweight and Tired  
    Hypothyroidism.  It’s a silent and often undiagnosed epidemic.  Do you struggle with weight gain, fatigue, feeling cold, elevated LDL cholesterol, and perhaps some constipation?  You or someone you love may be among the millions who suffer from poor thyroid function. Even for those who are diagnosed, typical thyroid medications usually don’t provide the complete relief you deserve! Regardless, drugs don’t ever address the underlying issues that prevent your thyroid from being at its best. There are also everyday American foods to avoid as they can inhibit thyroid function. Find out what your doctor may not be telling you.  And why that “normal” thyroid test is not telling you the truth about your body.  Be empowered to understand what your body is telling you – and how you can take specific steps in order to stay well.

Price: $95.00


Name it. Blame it. Medicate it. But what is Really causing your body dis-ease?

  • Cholesterol Chaos: Myth-Busting and Surprising Truths
    Are you afraid of cholesterol?  Fearful it’s clogging your arteries?  Especially if heart problems run in your family?  
    Wait for your labwork update from your doctor with anxiety?  The health media is full of scary messages about cholesterol. But you might be surprised (or even shocked!) to learn the truth that sciences teaches us about cardiovascular health and cholesterol – and how our diet does (and doesn’t!) impact those risks.  In truth, cholesterol is a vital substance in the body that is necessary for a number of key functions, especially making every steroid hormone in your body.  Join us to learn what truly causes cardiovascular disease (hint: it’s not cholesterol) and what you can do to prevent or support yourself to be rid of it.

Price: $95.00



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Hi Tracy! I just wanted to email you and Thank You!! I have been struggling with menopause/thyroid issues for 4 years now. I kept hearing your voice each time I would go and see another doctor only to get the same old response. They are completely unaware of any of the new research/approaches out there. All my thyroid tests have been low/normal except for Free T3 which was always low. But no doctor thought it mattered. They blamed all my complaints on menopause and said I would just have to live with it all. Your voice stayed in my head and finally I found a doctor that takes a less conservative approach. I am taking Armour thyroid and some bioidentical hormone cream, and I am feeling like my old self again. Actually better than my old self! I think my thyroid has been low for a long time. Now, I sleep thru the night. I am clear headed. I can focus on things. Hot flashes are almost all gone. I laugh and workout and am just plan old happy. Its wonderful. Thank you so much for everything you do but a big special thanks for that thyroid webinar you offered. Thank you, thank you!

Wendy Beauregard
Health Coach