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  • Secrets of a Healthy “Diet”  Looking to change your diet to something healthier?  Not sure where to start?  This is a great overview of dozens of key topics in pursuit of a healthy diet.  In particular, this one includes some key tenets for parents in choosing foods for children.  We touch on dozens of topics: deprivation, allergies, sugar addiction, cravings, emotional eating, the mood-food relationship, food-driven fatigue, the Food Police, our changing taste buds, portion sizes, holiday strategies, and a rich mix of targeted diets (e.g. post-surgery, anti-inflammatory, weight loss, weight gain).
  • Top Five Foods   Check out this fun exploration of the “Top five foods for….”.  Stranded on a deserted island?  Last meal of your life?  Tracy shares some fun and perhaps surprisingly delicious suggestions and tips about some of our most common superfoods as well.


Tracy’s Top Recommended Supplements




Supplements can be confusing and frustrating.  It’s hard to know who to trust and what will work for you.  I recommend (and personally use!) Metagenics supplements because they are bioavailable, heavily researched, and proven effective.  You can easily find what you need here: .  In particular, I highly recommend their OmegaGenics EPA-DHA 720 as an extremely pure, highly-concentrated fish oil that is suitable for anyone and the  PhytoMulti is an ideal multivitamin for the average person!  An excellent, broad-based probiotic for daily use by most is UltraFlora Spectrum. 


Xymogen GlutAloeMineA truly top-notch supplement company offering a wide array of specialty supplements with no artificial additives whatsoever with a focus on allergen-free formulations (e.g. gluten-free, yeast-free) and some of the best offerings of bioavailable B-vitamins in the industry.  In particular, I highly recommend Brain Sustain (a protein medical food specifically designed for improved memory/focus/cognition), D3-5000 or D3-2000 (soy-free Vitamin D – a rare find!), GlutAloeMine (a combination of nutrients to heal leaky gut but also to increase protective SCFAs in the colon – I use this with great results in all inflammatory bowel disease and celiac disease), Hormone Protect (a cancer preventive formula that enhances the body’s ability to detoxify estrogen), IgG 2000 DF (my #1 choice for enhance the immune system in the gut to eliminate microbial overgrowth), K2-D3 (finally a capsule-based formula that includes both, to ensure our calcium is routed to bones vs. the arteries or the kidneys – key for women over the age of 45), Memor-All (the most comprehensive formula I have found for enhancing neuron function for better memory/recall), Methyl-Protect (a high-folate anti-homocysteine formula to counter arterial plaque), Mood Food (methyl B-vitamins combined with GABA and 5-HTP, a one-of-a-kind combination), and OptiMetaboliX (my favorite protein medical food for Type 2 Diabetes, jam-packed with nutrients which improve insulin sensitivity).  This is also the best resource for highly-bioavailable, capsule form of S-Acetyl Glutathione, necessary for heavy metal detoxification such as mercury or lead.  Please use the “Contact” link above to let me know if you would like to get set up with an account.  Then you may Use this link to set up a direct ordering account.  (You’ll also need my last name “Harrison” and perhaps our patient code “Purpose” to get access to ordering.)


DoTerra Essential Oils  

Truly the highest-purity, greatest-efficacy essential oil company I have found.  And I really honor the power of using fully natural plant-based remedies for healing.  I use Lemon oil with most of my clients with hypertension (~4-5 drops in every glass of water you drink).  Lavender oil is excellent massaged into temples and/or the base of the neck for relaxation.  Tea tree oil is an excellent anti-fungal (blend with a little coconut oil and use topically anywhere on the body).  For warts, mix ~5 drops each of both Frankincense oil and Cypress oil with 1 tsp apple cider vinegar; soak a piece of gauze in this, apply to skin, and wrap well to stabilize it and prevent leakage.  Peppermint oil and/or Ginger Oil are  great for GI spasms and cramping (~2 drops in ~4 oz water or almond milk as needed).  Ginger oil is also fantastic for nausea (in pregnancy too).   Lime oil and Ginger oil are fantastic to kick up flavors in your cooking.


gi reviveIf you are looking for Designs for Health (DfH) gastrointestinal support products (my top pick for gut-healing!), you may find these conveniently at Emerson Ecologics.  DfH’s GastroMend is my favorite product for healing gastritis, ulcers, and eradicating H Pylori infection in the stomach.  Their G.I. Revive is the most comprehensive formula I have found for healing and strengthening the protective mucosal lining of the intestines, critical for anyone recovering from bacterial/fungal overgrowth and/or food sensitivities.   For insomnia (specifically frequent waking during the night), I recommend 5-HTP that includes the critical cofactor B6 in DfH’s 5-HTP Synergy.  Click here to buy products such as these, as well as others I have specifically recommended.  Note this site is particularly convenient for international clients who need shipment outside the US (patient access code is “purpos”; office zipcode is 01776; if you need it, our authorization code is R80) .

Recommended Cookbooks

For a rich, easy-to-read, detailed book on nutrition (excellent job uncovering myths), healthy food preparation and traditional recipes, I recommend Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon.  This is by far, my cooking bible.

For everyday, simple meal recipes, I recommend

      • Clean Start  and  Clean Food , both by Terry Walters (creative, simple ideas for how to consume more plant foods)
      • Well Fed  by Melissa Joulwan  (an excellent primer to “paleo diet”-like, low-glycemic eating)
      • Nourishing Meals  by Alissa Segersten and Tom Malterre (excellent gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free options)
      • The Eat Clean Cookbook by Tosca Reno

High-Quality Animal Protein

I am very passionate about the ethical treatment of farm animals.  Learning the reality of today’s typical factory farming practices across the US usually evokes horror in those who are willing to look at the painful truth.  Help make major social change in this area by voting with your dollars.  Seek out and purchase only humanely raised, pastured, grass-fed meat products.  In a nutshell, these are naturally raised animals, not those confined to tiny cages in a dark building for their entire lives.  Once you look outside your typical grocery store, there are many sources available, especially on-line, where great bargains are to be found for buying frozen, high-quality meats in bulk.

Nationwide, you can learn resources for pasture-raised and grass-fed, free-range foods in your state here:


Health Information and Advice

There are so many wonderful information sources out there to support natural, healthy eating and living.  I have reviewed many of them, and here are some of the ones I value the most:

      • Excellent weekly newsletter highlighting the latest in health research and uncovering the often distorted health messages communicated in the mass media
      • If you enjoy more in-depth, clinical guidance and knowledge, check out Chris Kresser’s blog and newsletter.
      • Dr. Andrew Weil is a medical doctor who believes in natural health and healing.  Check out his web page for practical advice and suggestions on many topics:
      • has a particularly good blog on natural treatments for ailments and illness.


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