Pauline Wright

Pauline WrightI first met Tracy shortly after being diagnosed with Candidiasis and yeast overload/allergy. My symptoms were all over the place, the worst of which was a very limited diet with little guidance and constantly having bounce back reactions that were worse than the original symptoms( hives, swelling, intestinal distress, joint pain. etc.. ) which caused a lot of anxiety.  Tracy helped Calm me down and let me know she was there and would help me get through whatever I had go endure to get healthy.  Her calm and caring manner combined with her knowledge and thoroughness, were exactly what I needed at a very difficult time. She coordinated with doctors on tests and medications, and in many ways also helped as an advocate for me, in knowing what to even ask the medical staff.  Today I am 90% better (may never get to 100% due to my Crazy immune system)!  I wouldn’t be where I am today – thirty pounds lighter (and I wasn’t trying)  and teaching 14 advanced ballet, jazz, pointe and musical theater classes a week – if not for Tracy!


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During Tracy’s presentation, “Beat the Sugar Blues”, to our group of about 40 employees at Akibia last week, we were utterly mesmerized by her! Not only did Tracy take some very complex and often mis-understood myths about sugar and make them understandable, she also made the learning enjoyable. We were on the edge of our seats listening to what she had to say next. One attendee described her style as “infectious”. As a member of the Wellness Committee at Akibia, I was proud to host and have Tracy deliver another hugely successful program!

Donna Jacobites
Executive Assistant