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Health coaching from Purpose involves a team approach where each client benefits from both a dedicated, compatible individual coach and also the ongoing technical expertise of the entire Purpose team throughout your program.  All Purpose coaches have received multiple years of training in functional medicine clinical know-how from Tracy directly.  Their varied expertise areas and coaching styles allow us collectively to serve a rich, diverse client base.

Lisa Vasile

Lisa Vasile headshot body Lisa Vasile is an empathetic health coach with a passion to change her clients’ internal “Health GPS” and resolve their chronic symptoms. She specializes in autoimmune conditions, gut and digestive imbalances, food allergies and optimizing detoxification. Lisa is dedicated to finding the root cause of interconnected symptoms while maximizing her clients’ energy and strength for life. And she is very skilled at this and has achieved breakthroughs in some of our most complicated client cases.

Lisa is very passionate about the power of Real Food! She is committed to igniting the fire of awareness and spreading the knowledge that food and drink are never neutral; they are either feeding or preventing disease.  She knows  how powerful it is for clients to understand that what they consume actually modifies our DNA expression.  Thus she is a passionate advocate of eating on purpose in order to live a vivacious, healthy life without drugs or machines to help breathe, sleep or digest food.

Lisa’s largest joys are her husband and 3 teenagers. They are kind, supportive and always laughing (and enjoy that she is often the butt of that laughter!). Watching her family compete in sports, fund-raising for the under-served, walking her dog Max, practicing yoga, hiking, and standing at the edge of the ocean – all delight her soul.

lisa vasile outside

Lisa started her wellness career as an Army Nurse working in Europe, Hawaii and Alaska, settling in her home state of Massachusetts in 1995. Once home, she worked as a labor and delivery nurse, Infertility Clinic Manager, and Perinatal Grief Counselor. She later completed her Graduate degree from University of Massachusetts, serving as a Nurse Practitioner with a focus in women’s health and teaching for three Massachusetts Nursing programs. Her NP career strengthened her curiosity and passion to help patients to truly heal. Lisa’s frustration with the limitations of conventional medicine in achieving this real healing motivated her to pursue a post-Master’s certification in Holistic Health Counseling.  Lisa has also received multiple years of functional medicine training and personal mentoring with Tracy.

Dainna Pearlman

Dainna professional

Dainna is a well-loved health coach.  She treats each of her clients as a unique individual, and she displays wonderful creativity in customizing her approach to ensure the best results for every client.  Dainna digs deep to understand the true root causes of her clients’ symptoms and inflammation. Her scope includes not only biochemical and nutritional balance but also the critical elements of overall lifestyle balance and stress (e.g. career, relationships, family, movement, self-care).  After all, the body often reflects the state of the head and the heart.  Dainna is particularly passionate about the importance of regular, meaningful self-care and, again, is wonderfully creative in helping clients find a way to give themselves this care, no matter how busy their lives may seem.  This focus helps her clients to translate short-term relief into sustainable, long-term results because her solutions are tailor-made for each client’s lifestyle .

Dainna is particularly passionate about healing gastrointestinal dis-ease in the body and addressing its role in many other inflammatory illnesses.  After years of struggling with digestive problems of her own (exacerbated by conventional medicine treatment), Dainna left behind a career in the entrepreneurial corporate world on a quest to heal her own body.

Dainna relaxing at home

Dainna received her Holistic Health Counseling training from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition with a certification through the State University of New York, Purchase College. Dainna received over three years of functional medicine training with Tracy before even joining Purpose.  She also holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Adelphi University. Prior to changing careers, Dainna owned her own software/database development company for fifteen years.

Blissfully married with 3 children on Long Island, New York, Dainna is particularly interested in working with clients who believe they are “too busy to find time to be healthy”. She is up for any challenge in this arena! Educating children and young adults (elementary thru college age) about the power of healthy living has also become one of her favorite ways to share her passion for wellness. Overall, she truly loves health coaching and is often “caught” saying this with a smile at the end of each work day.


Rachael Pomato

Rachel2853_1(1)Rachael is beloved for her particularly patient and warm approach to coaching.  Her passion is empowering individuals (no matter what kind of history and habits and hang-ups they bring to the table) to regain their health through sustainable food and lifestyle changes. Rachael is particularly skilled in supporting clients who have digestive imbalances and other inflammatory conditions that can arise from issues in the GI tract.  She has helped clients to reverse some particularly ugly and entrenched gut dysfunction!  Rachael also has an expertise in the role of self-care in overall wellness.  She has a passion for educating clients about the critical nourishment we all need from non-food delicacies like relationships, career/work, fun/adventure, physical movement, and spirituality.

cropped headRachael is a Certified Nutrition Specialist with a Masters degree in Nutrition and Integrative Health from Maryland University of Integrative Health.   Rachael received a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Maryland and her holistic health coaching training and certification is from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.  She has trained in applied functional medicine for coaching directly with Tracy for over four years.

Rachael is an avid cook and loves to learn and try new things.  She also loves being outdoors and spending time with her family and friends.  Her passion and empathy for helping clients to prioritize self-care stems from her commitment to that journey in her own life.  Rachael has an infectious laugh and a deep love for her pets and the nurturing, healing value of unconditional love of animals and nature.

Diana Pruzinsky

DSC_2054 - Small

Diana is an enthusiastic health coach with an abundance of positivity and gentle encouragement.  Ultimately, she wants to help her clients to feel fabulous! And enjoys creatively motivating and inspiring them to achieve the change they want.

Through Diana’s own personal journey, she has become passionate about many areas of health including optimal gastrointestinal function, autoimmune disease, the pervasive effects of toxicity, and the rich importance of hormone balance.  She has a particular expertise in adrenal and thyroid dysfunction and related hormone imbalance, especially as it relates to low energy and excessive weight, and also blood sugar management.  These are the kinds of issues that can plague clients many years (often being told their labwork is “fine”) before they finally get the deeper dive investigation and solutions they need. The joy of sharing this type of client’s journey to health (truly feeling fabulous) is such a wonderful experience that it fuels Diana’s desire to help more and more people.

Diana received her health coaching certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  She has several years of experience getting tremendous client results in her own private practice, as well as working alongside a functional medicine physician in an integrative practice. Diana joined the Purpose team after studying functional nutrition with Tracy for five years.

Prior to her current career, Diana worked in public accounting and corporate sales, and she knows first hand how demanding corporate/entrepreneurial life styles can be a major root cause of disease in the body.  After her own health journey led her to make such powerful and sustainable changes in her lifestyle, she just couldn’t resist sharing it with the world.

Diana enjoys spending time with her husband and stepson and her extended family. She loves good food with good friends — and don’t forget tap dancing and country music! In her spare time, if she isn’t cooking up a storm with her husband, they are enjoying the outdoors, often kayaking, hiking or traveling.


Harriet Anderson

Harriet Anderson

Yes, we want to be well, and we also want to continue to love eating! Deeply committed to feeding herself and her family high-quality whole foods each day, Harriet is an excellent cook. She is also very knowledgeable about making practical kitchen and pantry changes in order to eat on purpose and to accommodate food sensitivities.

Harriet lives with her husband Tom and beloved West Highland terrier (Izzy) in Sudbury, Massachusetts.  She enjoys entertaining friends and family, lazy days at the beach, new recipes, and savoring time with her two sons who visit often.

Harriet works behind the scenes online to make Purpose possible for all of us!  When you engage with Purpose via email or the website, it is Harriet who is ensuring your needs are met – promptly and kindly.  A delightfully supportive team member, Harriet manages all Purpose scheduling, logistics, website interface, program registration, and billing.

Shannon Vanasse

Shannon VanasseWhen you contact Purpose via phone, you will have the pleasure of speaking with Shannon.  Whether you are looking to become a new client, make a reservation for a retreat, learn about an upcoming seminar, or find a helpful article on our website, Shannon’s friendly and proficient attention to detail behind the scenes will ensure you get what you need.

Shannon is so happy to be part of the Purpose team.  Like all of us, she’s on her own wellness journey too and focused on consistently incorporating high-quality whole foods into her everyday life.  Shannon lives with her husband, Dave, and two children, Adam and Samantha, in Plymouth, Massachusetts.  She is an avid reader who enjoys traveling, the ocean air, and the beach.


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I used to have daily digestive discomfort and very low energy most days. Through blood testing Tracy recommended, I discovered that I had high sensitivities to a variety of foods including wheat and gluten. After eliminating these foods from my diet in addition to taking various supplements, my digestion has improved immensely and I’ve had a tremendous increase in my energy level. When working with Tracy, I always looked forward to our semi-monthly meetings. She often brought supplements, packages of foods to sample, and new menu ideas. In addition to this one on one work with Tracy, she also catered two separate functions that I was involved in. On the first occasion, Tracy cooked for eleven women at a three day retreat. In addition to cooking amazing snacks, appetizers, and meals, she also shared much nutrition information with us over the course of the long weekend. All of the meals were incredibly creative and fresh tasting. Tracy also catered a 50th birthday party for a friend and everyone raved about the food. Tracy has great energy, a wealth of nutrition knowledge, and truly cares about helping you to discover what changes are necessary to create a happier and healthier life. I feel blessed to have been able to work with her.

Nancy Wittenberg
Sherborn, MA