What Clients are Saying…

Get inspired by the awesome results Tracy’s clients have achieved.  Here they share their experiences in their own words…

The cleanse makes me extremely energetic.  I actually drive everyone around me crazy.  It is even hard for me to believe that I struggle with food choices most of the year but when I do the cleanse, I stick to it.  I cook so much and love pigging out on all those veggies. It always helps me get off the sugar I so crave.  Thank you so very much for giving of yourself to help me and so many others.   I have taken many of the things you taught me and pay them forward.  God bless you.

Fran Burns

I have wanted to try this cleanse with Tracy for the past couple of years and for various reasons, I was not able to until this fall. I followed this cleanse to the letter and found it easy to do, and I felt great during the cleanse. Tracy’s support along the way was great – and always full of useful information. I love being a student and a Tracy groupie.

Kathleen Ronzio
Health Coach

My gratitude for all you do runs deeply.  I appreciate how well organized and executed this cleanse was, from the pre-planning to the daily reminders and encouragements. Also so grateful to have a facebook page where we could go for support and additional information.  I got the opportunity to really step back and listen to my body… Some things are very clear: alcohol definitely makes me edgy, blue and foggy the next day. Sugar too. Corn doesn’t do well in my body either — and now I know that is not uncommon.  I love that you are not just looking out for our body, but our mind and spirit too. Your guidance has helped me to start putting myself back toward the top of the priority list as more room opens up in my life. Thank you for the inspiration to live on purpose, Tracy!

Cece Doucette
Ashland, MA

Thanks, Tracy!   This experience was awesome—I feel lighter and much more interested in good food, as opposed to using food to calm me down, or slow me down.  Loving a few kinds of veggie combos that I can even share with my regimented husband.  Still going strong!

Nancy Cantor
Ashland, MA

I feel sooo much better after the cleanse. My joints and muscles don’t ache as they did before.  I am so happy that I chose to take part in this cleanse. Thank you for all of your tips, recipes and support.  I actually lost about 5 pounds.  Thank you!

Pam Gozzo
Jupiter, FL

When I casually put my name on a wait-list to be a Purpose client, I had no idea what I was signing up for besides wanting a little help with energy levels.  Now, three years later, my energy, weight and nutrition are transformed.  I am particularly grateful that Tracy detected a significant underlying problem missed by other practitioners.  Equally importantly, with her guidance, I have learned to prioritize my own well-being and gained a new, informed confidence in advocating for my own health. Thank you Tracy, and for at all times encouraging me to step-up.

Jean Campbell

(just finished an extended cleanse)  In the first 20 days of my cleanse, I lost 10 lbs and brought down my blood pressure 16 points. On day 6, I struggled with fatigue and hunger.  On day 8, something completely changed.  I had boundless energy and a clear, distinct improvement in mental clarity.  Both of those have continued through week 4 – where I am now.  But none of those incredible improvements is the highlight for me.  After 16 years of insomnia, at times severe, I am sleeping like a college kid.  This began in week one and continues. That has been transformational.  Life changing.  An unexpected benefit that ends up being my favorite result.

Steven Michaud
Topsham, ME

I have to tell you that this cleanse has been so good for me!!  I have more energy than I have had in the last year or so.  It is obvious to me that something I was eating was making me feel very tired and lethargic.  Now I feel lighter and of course healthier!!  I cannot thank you enough.

Grace Conrad
Asheville, NC

I feel great and am really proud of myself too! What an incredible learning experience it has been for me. Many new recipes to add to my menu. I lost 5 lbs and consider this cleanse a kick-off to eating healthier in my weight loss journey. Thanks Tracy for the education and great support.  I would highly recommend this to anyone and look forward to joining you again!

Joan Garofalo

I am really proud of myself.  I followed this cleanse to the letter.  Dropped ten pounds.  This experience has been great and I have encouraged all of my yoga students to reach out to you.  Some of them with significant challenges. Love you and your work. You are so needed in this world right now.  Thank you, thank you!

Judy Giovangelo
Yoga Instructor
Boston, MA

“… I’m feeling fabulous!  I feel lighter, brighter, more energized,…….and my tummy is even feeling better.  One nice benefit of the cleanse, you really get a chance to check in with your body!  As always, thank you for your expertise and caring.”

Diane Goudy
Education Administrator
Cleanse Participant

Dainna – You have been amazing! You have stuck by me, educated me, hugged me from afar, and guided me on this journey toward better health and better understanding of functional medicine as it relates to my body. You have such a lovely way of explaining, such fantastic and real recommendations, and so much humor to go along with it that our sessions and follow up emails have been really fun. You have “taught me to fish”, “launched” me, whatever phrase you’d like to use, you have prepared me for this moment and I will carry you around on my shoulder moving forward. Thanks again for everything!

Pam Kurtzer
Biotech Recruiter
Acton, MA

Hi Tracy – I am so glad I did the cleanse!  I feel really good, and found that it went very smoothly. I do have many positive effects: less bloating, less congestion, cough, and post nasal drip.  And my energy level is better.  So thank you!!!

Evy Goldberg

I cannot express my relief and gratitude nearly enough!  I have felt so hopeless on the health front for so long. Now I am believing that vitality will be mine!  Thank you, Lisa.

Erin Field

I want to thank you for guiding me through the 10 day cleanse! It was a huge success for me and I have continued a mindul practice of choosing and eating foods when I am hungry and that truly satisfy me. I have made changes that are a reflection of what my interior person has always desired. I am so grateful to you and so very excited that I am moving forward to cultivate an even better nutrition designed specifically for me! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I am purposely eating and it feels sooooo good! A win win situation! YAY!   Thanks, Tracy … you have a gift that keeps on giving .

Susan Gundy
Registered Yoga Teacher

Working with Tracy has changed my life!

Tracy delivers; I feel terrific.

I thought I was doing a pretty good job of eating and treating myself right and thought, “why not work with Tracy to see if I can make any improvements?”

That decision has made the world of difference in how I feel, what I do and of course, what I eat and drink. But that’s not all. Tracy’s knowledge, energy and ability to meet you on so many of life’s aspects is completely engaging. Her honesty and ability to guide you through the science of nutrition, your own emotional geography and spiritual meanderings, in deed, your self, has lead me to a very happy place on many, many, levels. Her knowledge, experience and natural gifts as a healer combine to effectively treat your entirety.

Tracy is an incredibly rich resource well worth the time and effort.

John Wadson
Financial Executive

It was such a treat to have you cooking our meals! Your food definitely nourishes our body and soul… Tracy, you are so knowledgeable but it is your passion, your energy, your joy, your acceptance of wherever we are on our health journey, your ever-present smile, and the “little kid ” that you let out to play that endears you to others and makes you truly special. Thank you for enriching our lives. You are the best!!

Lynn Jameson
Retreat attendee
Sherborn, MA

Tracy has helped me to change my life for the good by gradually building healthier eating habits and food choices.  Tracy listens and works with you to create sustainable small step changes.  I am forever grateful to her for her knowledge, patience and will to help others.

Marianne Kopaczynski
School Principal
Framingham, MA

Tracy Harrison is an expert in Complementary Medicine. She has an impressive background of training in the science of what she does, including being an M.I.T. graduate. Her depth of knowledge, the ability to appreciate the breadth of what impacts our health, and then come up with ways to alleviate suffering and issues is nothing short of amazing.

She has helped me in hormonal balance issues, overcoming profound fatigue, insomnia and to rediscover my vitality and well being. It has been a pleasure marrying her knowledge with my own, and to experience such profound results. I am grateful to know her, and to have been her client.

Dr. Marion Watlington
MD, Integrative Medicine

Hi Tracy,

I just wanted to thank you. This cleanse has been incredible for my body! I feel light, energized and healthy. I am introducing foods back into my diet very slowing because I think I may be lactose/gluten intolerant.  It truly has changed my life for the better.

Kalen Acquisto
Colorado Springs, CO

Hi Tracy – I’m happy to tell you that I’ve been on this cleanse again (my second this year) and it was, once again, an amazingly positive experience. Thank you for your great enthusiasm, tremendous knowledge and careful guidance. I did great this time and found it incredibly healing once again. Thank you for your support!

Beth Fredericks

Pauline WrightI first met Tracy shortly after being diagnosed with Candidiasis and yeast overload/allergy. My symptoms were all over the place, the worst of which was a very limited diet with little guidance and constantly having bounce back reactions that were worse than the original symptoms( hives, swelling, intestinal distress, joint pain. etc.. ) which caused a lot of anxiety.  Tracy helped Calm me down and let me know she was there and would help me get through whatever I had go endure to get healthy.  Her calm and caring manner combined with her knowledge and thoroughness, were exactly what I needed at a very difficult time. She coordinated with doctors on tests and medications, and in many ways also helped as an advocate for me, in knowing what to even ask the medical staff.  Today I am 90% better (may never get to 100% due to my Crazy immune system)!  I wouldn’t be where I am today – thirty pounds lighter (and I wasn’t trying)  and teaching 14 advanced ballet, jazz, pointe and musical theater classes a week – if not for Tracy!

Pauline Wright
Dance Instructor

Hi Tracy! I just wanted to email you and Thank You!! I have been struggling with menopause/thyroid issues for 4 years now. I kept hearing your voice each time I would go and see another doctor only to get the same old response. They are completely unaware of any of the new research/approaches out there. All my thyroid tests have been low/normal except for Free T3 which was always low. But no doctor thought it mattered. They blamed all my complaints on menopause and said I would just have to live with it all. Your voice stayed in my head and finally I found a doctor that takes a less conservative approach. I am taking Armour thyroid and some bioidentical hormone cream, and I am feeling like my old self again. Actually better than my old self! I think my thyroid has been low for a long time. Now, I sleep thru the night. I am clear headed. I can focus on things. Hot flashes are almost all gone. I laugh and workout and am just plan old happy. Its wonderful. Thank you so much for everything you do but a big special thanks for that thyroid webinar you offered. Thank you, thank you!

Wendy Beauregard
Health Coach

I have worked closely with Tracy Harrison for over three years. Her comprehensive knowledge and expertise in functional medicine makes her a unique health coach.
She is passionate for helping her clients, which is evident based on their major accomplishments. As a nurse practitioner in integrative medicine, I have found that my patients benefit greatly from Tracy’s health coaching!

Christina Knight
Nurse Practitioner
www.InnerBalanceMed.com , Wellesley, MA

Marsha Nussdorf

Hi Tracy, This would be a most appropriate time for me to tell you how thankful I am for all of your help and support this year.  My weigh-in this morning has me down 50 lbs.  I’m happy with my progress and surely my health markers will continue to show my progress.  With gratitude and love…

Marsha Nussdorf
Health Coach

About a year ago I began a journey with Tracy to try to reverse a lifetime of simmering inflammatory problems. I have to admit I was skeptical at first, but my friends who are Tracy’s clients were convinced that Tracy could help me. I am happy to report that my Graves’s disease is under control, my digestive problems are history, and I have more energy than I have had in a very long time. We still have more work to do, but I am confident that I am on the road to wellness. Tracy has enhanced my life. I am so happy I decided to work with her. Thank you, Tracy.

Sheila Pallay
Grandmother, Photographer
Sharon, MA

I really enjoyed the cleanse journey. I was surprised that I barely missed those foods that I love and “crave”: coffee, bread, chocolate, and a yummy martini on the weekends. Fortunately, I love all veggies and fruits, I know that made the cleanse easier and enjoyable for me. I did not suffer any negative symptoms, but did enjoy positive results: my energy level shifted from being an afternoon/evening person to being a morning person, I have an itchy patch on my lower scalp near my neck that no longer itches, and I have lost a few pounds and feel lighter. I really enjoyed feeling satisfied after eating and I realize how often I feel full instead. So, thank you for an illuminating journey. Your support and tips were most helpful.

Carol Conway
Framingham, MA

About the cleanse – I want to let you know that my body loved this experience. I feel absolutely wonderful and am following your ‘eat purposefully’ advice. It is amazing how good food tastes as I add back items. It is also amazing what your body tells you if you listen. I wish I had experienced this sooner in life… I wanted to thank you for your support during this process and for the info you shared with us. This is having an impact on my eating habits, and it is a powerful impact. I will join you again for the Spring cleanse.

Priscilla Gately
Dracut, MA

Regarding your cleanse, I have to say this has been one of the most personally rewarding things that I have done for myself and my family. It has put me so much more in tune with my body and how I feel and how food effects me. This has opened a new and exciting chapter for our family. Thank you so much!

Mario Turco
Boston, MA

Dear Tracy,
I wanted to give testament to your Cleanse. I have conducted the cleanse using your routine 3 times over the last 1 1/2 years (every 6 months) and for the first time in 20 years my cholesterol has dropped significantly. In fact, my total cholesterol dropped 40 points from 197 to 152 and LDL dropped 120 to 79. My ratios went from the 4 range to the 2 range. The only thing I have changed in the last 1 1/2 year is adding the cleanse. It is astounding!!! I have always been fit, exercised and watched my diet, but it always frustrated myself that my cholesterol hovered so closely to 200. My cholesterol over the last 20 years has always been 180-190’s and my LDL have always been 120-130. Cleansing every 6 months will now be a lifestyle change for me. Anyone struggling with high cholesterol should definitely try this cleanse and I am more than happy to speak with anyone. Thank you so much!!!

Mary Bongi

I just wanted to thank you for all of your support & knowledge throughout this process. Doing this cleanse has been, by far, the best thing I have ever done for my health. I didn’t realize how bad I actually felt until I started feeling good. It’s amazing to me how easy it was to eliminate sugar & processed foods, considering that was the majority of my diet! I never thought I was going to be able to do this. This cleanse along with all of the information you supplied has changed the way I think of food. I can’t wait until your cookbook comes out!! Thank you so much!!

Vicki Parker
Cleanse Participant
Leominster, MA

I am really glad that I did the cleanse. I was suffering from plantar fasciitis, and now, my feet are no longer bothering me. Which means that I can go hiking again and have started taking yoga classes. I have a lot more energy. My DH is calling me the “energizer rabbit” and I’m sleeping a lot less. I actually woke up at 3 a.m. the other morning feeling like I was done sleeping and got up and did a yoga tape then! One of my reasons for doing the cleanse was to get over my sugar addiction – which I have. Thanks for your help and support!

Missy Cohen
Framingham, MA

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to Thank You! For the first time in years (so many I can’t remember), I did not have to take Claritin during ragweed season. In the past, in mid August I’d get the perpetual ragweed cold (runny nose, itchy eyes, itchy skin). I kept waiting and it never happened. Ragweed levels have been high this year so I can’t say it wasn’t a bad year.

I can’t explain it except that I did the late April cleanse and the summer program. I have also really been trying to stay true to eating healthier. My friend and I were chatting about it and she, too, has not had her typical allergy problems. I have a long way to go in how I eat but you truly helped me take a big step.

Vangie Deane
Group Class Participant
Westborough, MA

Over the course of many years, I’ve been to many doctors with many health issues, all of which you know. Although they each had a medical history from me, no doctor ever made any connections or saw a common element in any of my complaints. No doctor ever attempted to get to the root cause of any ailment. Instead , medication was prescribed, with side effects which were just as bad as the original problem, and then caused other ailments, etc.,etc. You are the only person who has integrated all my issues, gotten to the root causes, and treated them naturally with proper nutrition and supplements. Instead of more medication, you have been able to help me wean off the toxic medication I’ve been taking for so many years. This speaks to the idea that doctors focus on and react to disease, as opposed to focusing on wellness and prevention. To me this is a major issue and has been an amazing eyeopener.

The most important happening for me is the education and knowledge you impart —-very empowering. Now I can make intelligent choices with knowledge and confidence. I can discuss intelligently my health issues with my doctors . I can take more control of my well-being.

Evy Goldberg
Norton, MA

Tracy has truly changed my life! I had been on diets for many years, losing weight only to regain it. Frustrated with the rollercoaster of dieting, I was ready to embrace Tracy’s philosophy. She has taught me how to eat and cook healthfully. Life changing information!

Myah Stone
Milford, MA

Tracy is amazing! It has been overwhelming having been recently diagnosed with kidney cancer and disease to comprehend what I would need to keep myself as healthy as possible. She has given me the knowledge and support I have needed and explained things in a way that I can understand. The doctors say that you cannot reverse kidney disease but with the help of Tracy my tests have been improving!

Buddy Murphy

I can’t say enough good things about how Tracy has helped me. Based on how we’ve changed my diet and my awareness of food, I have more energy and feel better about myself. She put me on to nutrition solutions that I didn’t know existed and wouldn’t have thought to look for.

What made it particularly work for me is that she’s so smart and knows her subject so well. I’m not someone who wants to master all the information. For years I’ve found it so confusing how varied and conflicting the theories of healthy diet are that I long since threw up my hands. With Tracy I felt very confident about just following her directives, and I’m very pleased with the results.

Jeremy R.
Weston, MA

During Tracy’s presentation, “Beat the Sugar Blues”, to our group of about 40 employees at Akibia last week, we were utterly mesmerized by her! Not only did Tracy take some very complex and often mis-understood myths about sugar and make them understandable, she also made the learning enjoyable. We were on the edge of our seats listening to what she had to say next. One attendee described her style as “infectious”. As a member of the Wellness Committee at Akibia, I was proud to host and have Tracy deliver another hugely successful program!

Donna Jacobites
Executive Assistant

I first met Tracy after being diagnosed with diabetes. She took me through a difficult time, making the process seem effortless, enjoyable and positive. Tracy has been the primary motivator in my dealings with diabetes. She has impressed me with her vast knowledge of how body systems work and their interrelationships with nutrition. Through Tracy’s individual attention and support, I have been able to address my diabetes, as well as other heath issues, and achieve my goals. Through encouragement, she has taught me what and how to eat, how to prepare food, and why. I now am more aware of how to select foods and am experimenting with different foods. I am enjoying thoroughly this change in my life without any sense of deprivation. My experience working with Tracy has been fabulous; I am forever grateful to her for her guidance and provision of sustainable tools to maintain and continue to improve my health.

Bev Greer
Westborough, MA

I used to have daily digestive discomfort and very low energy most days. Through blood testing Tracy recommended, I discovered that I had high sensitivities to a variety of foods including wheat and gluten. After eliminating these foods from my diet in addition to taking various supplements, my digestion has improved immensely and I’ve had a tremendous increase in my energy level. When working with Tracy, I always looked forward to our semi-monthly meetings. She often brought supplements, packages of foods to sample, and new menu ideas. In addition to this one on one work with Tracy, she also catered two separate functions that I was involved in. On the first occasion, Tracy cooked for eleven women at a three day retreat. In addition to cooking amazing snacks, appetizers, and meals, she also shared much nutrition information with us over the course of the long weekend. All of the meals were incredibly creative and fresh tasting. Tracy also catered a 50th birthday party for a friend and everyone raved about the food. Tracy has great energy, a wealth of nutrition knowledge, and truly cares about helping you to discover what changes are necessary to create a happier and healthier life. I feel blessed to have been able to work with her.

Nancy Wittenberg
Sherborn, MA

Tracy is PHENOMENAL! I have recently taken several of her “Eating on Purpose” courses and have been amazed at her teaching abilities and the wealth of information she has to share. I have begun to take control of my health and life by putting into practice the many facts that Tracy has been teaching me. It has been an absolutely amazing & eye-opening education with her…and her teaching style is fantastic. She is warm, giving, extremely knowledgeable, and on a mission to educate and help people make lifestyle eating changes that will assist them in taking back their lives.

Renee Hood
Medway, MA

Thank you very much for coming into the school to do the presentation. I really liked it, and I think everyone especially liked the youtube clip. Your examples, like the coke bottle with sugar, were very cool. After the presentation, all my friends and I were talking about food, giving our own opinions, saying what they were going to have for lunch, because you had changed our thoughts. I think you approached it at the right level, because you disgusted them without making them feel like being contrarian.
I wish that all kids could learn this. Thank you again!

5th grade student
Wesllesley, MA

We hired Tracy to come into our company and present a series of nutritional seminars to our Associates during their lunch hour. The seminars were presented to a diverse group of people with diverse health concerns. Tracy did a wonderful job of presenting material that can confuse the best of us in a simple, easy to understand way. She shed light on our behavior as consumers of fast food, pre-packaged “health food,” and eating patterns that get us into trouble. Beyond that, she personally helped me create a reward chart to get my 6 year old son to fall in love with vegetables. I am happy to report that he asks every night for his vegetables and the chart that started him on the right path has become irrelevant. Thank you, Tracy!

Suzanne Santospago
Terumo Cardiovascular Systems
Ashland, MA

I am writing to let you know how pleased I am with the results from your efforts in discovering the underlying causes for many of my ongoing health concerns. I especially want to thank you for your diligence and follow through with my food allergies, vitamin deficiencies and thyroid concerns. By uncovering my gluten, yeast and dairy allergies, I am now eating better and also avoiding the allergic reactions which were causing me so much distress. I am so pleased that my acid reflux has improved to the point that I do not need to take the Nexium which I had been taking for several years. I have also begun to lose the additional weight which I was unable to do before I met with you. I am certain that the dietary allergies and the Vitamin B12 deficiency which you uncovered have played a significant role in my inability to lose additional weight and fatigue. Overall, I am thoroughly pleased with your services. I would strongly recommend your services to others. Thank you and God bless you!

Judy Brown
Mother, Pharmaceutical Sales
Westborough, MA

Tracy changed my relationship to food. Before Tracy, my eating was rarely thoughtful, and too often compulsive. But I didn’t like the visible outcome—being overweight—so I tried hard to battle compulsion with discipline. As a result, food often felt dangerous, like an enemy ready to ambush me whenever I let down my guard. After Tracy, I feel (mostly) at peace with my relationship to food. I certainly enjoy eating far more: I experience much more flavor, and am much more satisfied by what I eat. I rarely have that “I know I just ate by I still want more” compulsion. I also really enjoy the high level of health and vitality which for months now has become normative. Oh, and one other thing, I do kind of like being 50 pounds lighter!

Tim Weinhold
Marlborough, MA

The girls really enjoyed the program you offered! I think that you have a really great way with pre-teen girls. They LOVED your hands-on approach. They absorbed much of the material on sugar too – two of the moms commented on how well versed their daughters were on sugar content and healthy food/drink choices. I am looking forward to working with you again!

Deb Dionne
Girl Scout troop leader
Hopkinton, MA

Working with Tracy was one of the best things I ever did – for myself! I had been struggling for a few years to lose the last 10 pounds my body was holding on to after giving birth to my daughter in 2005. I recently had been working out with a personal trainer for almost a year and hadn’t lost any weight. When I first met with Tracy, I immediately felt that she understood my situation and truly wanted to help me achieve my goals. She is an amazing listener, and each session with her was specifically designed to address my questions and concerns. Tracy shared information and strategies to help me make small changes in my eating habits that have had a huge impact on my health and well-being. Now I know what works best for my body and my lifestyle, and I have lost 10 pounds. More importantly, I have the energy to get through each day and the right information to make healthy choices for myself and my family.

Kristin Vincent
Teacher and Mother

I’m doing so much better than a year ago! Your helping me figure out that soy was the trigger for my IBS symptoms was a huge win. As long as I don’t eat it, I don’t have any IBS symptoms at all. It took me about 3 months after we stopped working together to get all the soy out of my fridge and pantry. I could not believe how many food items have soy!!! Soy flour, soy protein isolate, soy lecithin, soy oil….. It’s ridiculous. It’s also somewhat forced me to eat more whole foods by ridding my home of processed foods. I’m still taking all the supplements (mag, D3, fish oil) you recommended. I’m sleeping great and have not had to take any medications for over a year now! I also lost the 7 pounds I put on last winter before I had adopted all your recommendations; so that tell’s me all the changes I made the past 9 months are putting the right things in my body. I hope you are doing well and your business is thriving. Thank you again for all the help you gave me.

Portland, Oregon

Asking for Tracy’s help has been one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. She made it so easy to succeed. Tracy is always so cheerful, positive, and full of fascinating information. I looked forward to meeting for every session. While following her nutrition suggestions, I always felt satisfied. This was definitely different than any “diet”. In 6 weeks I had lowered my total cholesterol from 253 to 206. My LDL (bad cholesterol) went from 168 to 113. After 4 months of improved nutrition, I lost 25 pounds. I feel amazing. I’m much more energetic, healthy, and happy. Now, I’m working on my cooking skills. My family and I have had several cooking classes with Tracy. It’s been a fun and wonderful bonding experience. We’ve made all kinds of healthy meals and I’m looking forward to this week’s healthy dessert session. How about this extra bonus : After cooking with Tracy, my son is even entertaining the idea of becoming a chef.

Lisa Shufflebarger
Mother of four, RN
Westborough, Massachusetts

Overweight, no more “prince charming”! Disgusted with what you see in the mirror? Sex life lousy? Feel like crap (even depressed) over the state of affairs? Well join the club. First thing I suggest you do is not deal with it. If you feel like you can never, ever lose weight, then it is time to surrender, give up, quit, don’t try to lose weight ever again! Take a couple of deep breaths and do what I did: call Tracy and get some advice. It changed my life, simply changed my life and I feel so good… no B.S.. I am not “back on track”; I am on a new road to health. No BP pills, no cholesterol pills, no Viagra necessary. Reconstructed through nutrition: one day at a time. It is so refreshing – thank you Tracy!

J Tweed
Sherborn, Massachusetts

Tracy worked with me over a period of five months. It would be a gross understatement to call her simply a “nutritionist” because she is much more. I think that more accurate descriptions of Tracy are “body chemist” or “health therapist.” She is incredibly knowledgeable on how food affects all aspects of one’s body and overall health, and the importance of including various supplements in one’s daily health regimen. Tracy is also well-versed in the role our psyches play in our eating habits and what we choose to put in our bodies. On top of all of that, she’s a great cook! Tracy is a wonderful, supportive health coach who is capable of making huge improvements in a person’s health.

Jonathan Sigel
Attorney and father of three
Westborough, Massachusetts

I just wanted to let you know that so much has improved for my son and myself since taking “How to Heal Your Gut” class. My son has not had one stomachache at all, and his accidents are greatly reduced. He definitely thinks about what he eats and has become more confident and proactive at asking about ingredients. For me, my knee pain is almost non-existent, and I have stopped thinking of surgery as a necessity! I actually have energy and can do things with my kids when I get home from work. I figured you deserved to hear the good news from our clan.

Missy Cohen
Mother of two
Framingham Massachusetts

Life is short. For that reason, I only do business with other fun, alive folks. Tracy Harrison, nutrition extraordinaire (and fellow singer), fits the bill. Her Glorious Greens cooking demo intrigued me, so I signed up hoping to learn to cook something other than broccoli. In a word? Fabulous. Tracy encouraged questions and conversations while she taught participants how to create organic, mouth-watering greens in a classy, rustic setting. I enjoyed it so much I signed up
for a second demo. If I am what I eat, I want it to be good for my body.

Giulietta “Julie” Nardone
Fearless Branding Expert
Ashland, Massachusetts

Your training came at a vital time. My work situation changed; I’m blessed to still be employed, but now I work basically 12 to 15 hours a day, 6 days a week. But combining our new eating styles learned from you, exercising and rest has given me the energy to endure the new schedule. Great news: I have lost a total of 41lbs. since we starting working with you. We are doing well!

Alexis Rivera
Technician and Father of two
Ashland, Massachusetts

Before going to see Tracy I had tried every diet out there…Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, South Beach, Atkins, and several Nutritionists/Dieticians. At each one I would lose weight at first, but I would gain it back. I wasn’t creating a life change and let’s face it, every diet never made me happy. Working with Tracy has been one of the best decisions of my life. The changes we made are easy, life-changing decisions that I will stick with. The bonus? I have lost some weight. And I know that I will continue to lose more as I follow a new life style of a more natural diet. I have never felt this good….and who knew that I would enjoy eating so much! Tracy helped me learn that food was not the enemy. I now enjoy life more, sleep better and enjoy eating every bite of food! Who knew that food could taste this good? Thank you Tracy!

Danielle Labrecque
IT professional
Worcester, Massachusetts

In meeting with Tracy, I found her advice to be not only comprehensive but also fascinating and educational. I was already very aware of the dangers of processed foods (staying away from them is hard with three kids!), but Tracy taught me how to stay as close to nature as possible in all my food choices. I’m happy my children are adapting too. I also learned from Tracy about emotional eating and how to avoid falling into that trap. We also work on an exercise solution which has been my biggest hurdle. Tracy is definitely an asset to anyone who needs nutritional guidance; she is well-versed, educated, and thorough.

Ann Wilson
Working mother of three children

Tracy Harrison is a leader who achieves results. Whether influencing a large group to take action or delivering one-on-one coaching, she dedicates upfront time to understand the real issues, then applies her keen intuition and common sense to deliver practical “it will work in the real world” solutions. She excels at turning concepts into actions, and her resolute attention to detail ensures flawless execution to plans. Her energy and enthusiasm are both boundless and contagious! Tracy is the whole package!

Susan Dodd
Global Business Systems Mgr.
(division of a Fortune 100 corporation)
Chandler, Arizona

Over the years, I have turned to Tracy as my personal nutritional consultant – even long before she officially became one. She is able to explain concepts clearly, providing research and resources when appropriate. She has a seemingly unending supply of practical ways of incorporating new ideas, methods, or ingredients. With Tracy’s help, I made small changes that gradually became part of how I regularly shop, prepare, and eat – without my family or me ever feeling like something drastic was happening. How exciting to discover that it was – our health!

Deb Webster
Homeschooling mother of two
and business owner
Newry, Maine

Two years ago I was working with Tracy to lower my blood sugar levels (I was “pre-diabetic”). My usual breakfast was some kind of toast and a great deal of my meals were pasta-based. So I switched over, and my breakfast foods of choice were eggs and cheese. I ate this just about every day for the last 2 years. I just had my physical again and my cholesterol levels (which are very good) are virtually unchanged. So, here is one person’s testimonial on how eating high cholesterol foods did not change my cholesterol levels. And yes, my blood sugar levels are also very good now. Thanks Tracy!

Liliane Sklenarik
Holliston, MA

Tracy changed my relationship with food. Before Tracy, my eating was rarely thoughtful, and too often compulsive. But I didn’t like the visible outcome – being overweight – so I tried hard to battle compulsion with discipline. As a result, food often felt dangerous, like an enemy ready to ambush me whenever I let down my guard. After Tracy, I feel (mostly) at peace with my relationship to food. I certainly enjoy eating far more: I experience much more flavor, and am much more satisfied by what I eat. I rarely have that “I know I just ate but I still want more” compulsion. I also really enjoy the high level of health and veitality which for months now has become normative. Oh, and one other thing, I do kind of like being 50 pounds lighter!

Tim Weinhold
Marlborough, MA


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