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A simple, effective 10-day, clean-out-the-gunk cleanse to prepare for a light and energetic summer!

  • Feeling a bit inflamed or heavy from the long winter?
  • Want to drop a few pounds before the summer?
  • Need to be rid of headaches or sore muscles?
  • Feeling irritable?
  • Expecting allergies and congestion or post nasal drip?
  • Ongoing aches and pains or arthritis?
  • Want a boost to get back on track with eating on purpose?
  • You don’t know how bad you felt before until you are feeling awesome!

Your body is a lot like your car. To keep running smoothly, it needs an occasional oil change and tune-up.  In the spring, it’s time to “clean out the gunk”, reduce inflammation and toxins to calm and balance your immune system, and prepare for a energetic spring and summer. We’ll clean out excess inflammation, mucus/phlegm, and toxins and help your body to find a new, un-inflamed normal.  It’s worked for me for many years!

Learn the truth about inflammation and how it affects your body.  Get educated and empowered about  toxicity and disease myths. Discover the true root causes of what is keeping you from feeling fantastic every day.  Yes, you CAN feel fantastic nearly every day (truly, I do!).

Join us for a 10-day cleanse.  The program includes a kick-off seminar, a mid-cleanse check-in seminar, overall eating plan and recipes, and daily on-line support.  After you register, we’ll send you details to go online and order the two key supplements that will be included.  No worries – this is a balanced, high-nutrient cleanse with plenty of food (no fasting or extreme gimmicks).  The supplements are a key component of supporting and increasing detoxification in your body.  I personally do this program twice a year and feel fantastic afterward.

Best of all, you can participate from anywhere!  Relax.  Prop up your feet.  Learn.  And change your life.  Seminars are via phone and live online webinar (and will be recorded, so no worries if you can’t make them live).  Your registration fee of $94 includes all materials, daily coaching, both webinars, and access to a private discussion forum to share ideas and get direct support from Tracy.  Supplements are purchased by participants separately and directly from the manufacturer.  Participation is limited, so please don’t wait and miss out!

Ten-Day Cleanse: May 1-10, 2918

Kick-off Pre-Cleanse Seminar: Monday, April 23rd, 6:00 – 8:00pm ET

Mid-Cleanse Check-In Seminar: Friday, May 4th, 6:00 – 7:30pm ET


Registration is now Closed! We will be leading another Cleanse in the Fall. Stay tuned…


These cleanses have sold out every offering for years now.  Want to see what others have to say in their own words about this cleanse experience?  The Testimonials are loaded with participant comments in their own words; check it out!


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This time of year, this is a weekly choice in my own home.  Rich, hearty, and satisfying.  Be sure to make a lot at once for an easy snack and side dishes the rest of the week.  For some extra crunch (and healthy fats!), top this with crushed, toasted walnuts. 4 Carrots (and/or parsnips) 2… Read More »


The girls really enjoyed the program you offered! I think that you have a really great way with pre-teen girls. They LOVED your hands-on approach. They absorbed much of the material on sugar too – two of the moms commented on how well versed their daughters were on sugar content and healthy food/drink choices. I am looking forward to working with you again!

Deb Dionne
Girl Scout troop leader
Hopkinton, MA