Living on Purpose Retreat Fans

We asked participants to share in their own words what they loved the most about their experience…..

    • “The beautiful home, the breathtaking setting, and the extraordinary retreat staff all played a role in what was a perfect gift to myself.  I felt valued, and actually celebrated, and that was so good for me.”
    • “All of the practitioners (yoga teachers, massage therapists, those preparing the nutritious meals, and of course Tracy’s amazing health classes).   But also the kindness and openness of the women that attended the retreat.”
    • “The single most surprising thing to me was the amazing clarity that I gained from the weekend.”
    • “The best part was the whole entire thing.  The whole experience has just been phenomenal.  To escape from my life and take time for myself.  Explore me on a deeper level and also meet some incredible people.   I feel amazing.”
    • “I felt so well taken care of!  It was like a dream come true to be able to disconnect and have my needs met so generously and wonderfully.”
    • “The food was outrageous and not having to think about or plan meals (such a treat)!  Oh – and I loved zip-lining!  Who knew?”
    • “Being encouraged to Think about being more purposeful in my life decisions was powerful. I really enjoyed other women sharing their stories and life.”
    • “I knew I was going to be able to relax and kick back, but I had no idea I was going to learn so much.  The educational component of this program was excellent.”
    • “Spending time with Tracy and getting to know her better personally and in a different context than our one-on-one work was great.  Plus I learned a lot more about my hormones and how to feel my best.”
    • “This was an exceptional experience and one I will long remember.”
    • “Wow – there was so much abundance here.  The retreat was such a gift.  To realize that I needed space – even just room to breathe.  I got the exact guidance I needed, but it was delivered in such a gentle and loving way.  It feels like a miracle.  And I was really surprised at the quality of people who were there.  So supportive and open.   And yeah, the food was fantastic too.”
    • “After just that first couple of days, I felt really good–not hungry–not craving anything–just happy 🙂  And I loved being with such a smart and interesting group of women!”
    • “Education and self reflection as well as the fantastic view – and oh, the food!”
    • “The talking, sharing and nurturing each night and day by such a supportive group of women and such a great leader.”
    • “Exactly what I needed in terms of REALLY being able to relax and disengage and look at some long term life goals.”
    • “The top thing for me was the way I was cared for. The ability to just be me.  And I needed that!”
    • “I am leaving feeling like I was on another plane of consciousness – vibrating at a different frequency.  Life changing.”
    • “So many extras…  Sharon was so kind to pick us up even when our flight got rescheduled! Thoughtful welcome gifts.  Wonderful food – and no bloating or brain fog!”
    • “I have to say I was surprised that I genuinely liked everyone. I couldn’t have been with a more wonderful group of women.”
    • “I loved the food, the stories, the wellness information, the services, the yoga and the laughs.”
    • “I thought I knew what living on purpose meant.  But not really.  Now I’ve seen it in action and role modeled.  I really get it now.  What wellness actually means.”
    • “I was so afraid I would not like anything because it was going to be gluten and dairy free. I’m not the most healthiest eater so I was afraid of the meals. To my shock and surprise the food was wonderful!”
    • I was delighted with the scheduling of the day.  I loved the variety of things offered – from relaxing, to pampering, to learning.   I felt incredibly supported…like people really cared about my well-being and genuinely wanted me to be happy and well.”
    • ” I didn’t realize how far gone I was with stress overload until I got away and relaxed in this perfect caring and nurturing environment.”
    • “The kind, affectionate, and knowledgeable people who ran the retreat. And yoga on the deck was AWESOME! “
    • “I had the most pleasurable and rewarding time. I will be back again.”
    • “I have to say that having so much relaxed time to just chat with Tracy and pick her brain was priceless.  But so much stimulating and supportive conversation with all the women there was an unexpected bonus.”
    • “The diverse group of women who attended were all so respectful of each other and willing to open themselves up.”
    • “It was such a positive experience for me and I really needed that wake up call to get back in touch with myself and become aware of my own responsibilities in my self care.”
    • “The warmth and encouragement between individuals and in the group as a whole was powerful.  I left with a heart spilling over with affection and gratitude for these lovely people.”
    • I am surprised that I changed in a very positive way in just a short time. I was able to relax and be taken care of without too much of a fight (from me).”
    • “This was a very nurturing and educational time all at once. The women who attended were inspiring and fascinating. I enjoyed our conversations immensely.”

100% of retreat participants to date have rated their overall experience satisfaction as 5/5.

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I just wanted to thank you for all of your support & knowledge throughout this process. Doing this cleanse has been, by far, the best thing I have ever done for my health. I didn’t realize how bad I actually felt until I started feeling good. It’s amazing to me how easy it was to eliminate sugar & processed foods, considering that was the majority of my diet! I never thought I was going to be able to do this. This cleanse along with all of the information you supplied has changed the way I think of food. I can’t wait until your cookbook comes out!! Thank you so much!!

Vicki Parker
Cleanse Participant
Leominster, MA