Living on Purpose Retreat – Participant Agreement

Please kindly review the following and, if agreed, provide your information and signature below.  Thank you!

I understand I am to be a Client for a retreat event provided by Purpose Inc and several independent contractor employees (“retreat workers”). I understand that Purpose Inc promises to provide on a best-effort basis the full set of activities advertised for this retreat event. I understand that weather, technical difficulty, transportation failure, building malfunction, or any other outcomes, foreseen or unforeseen, may require a change in agenda, schedule, activities, or accommodation.

I understand that Purpose Inc and retreat workers do not assume any responsibility for injuries resulting from my failure to use due caution. I understand Purpose Inc is not responsible for any accidents or injuries to me in transit to/from or during this event. I assume all liabilities for my own well-being and will not hold Purpose Inc or the retreat workers or Yonder Luxury Mountain Rentals liable.

I take full responsibility for deciding my appropriate level of participation in all Retreat activities. Given the limited nature of interaction during this event, I understand that spa service providers and exercise facilitators are not able to monitor or provide recommendations as to what is appropriate for each individual. I understand that Purpose Inc and other retreat workers are not responsible for monitoring any medical condition I might have, with or without prior disclosure, including allergies. I understand that while participating in retreat events, I could sustain bodily injury and am nevertheless voluntarily agreeing to participate.

I hereby release, indemnify, protect, and hold harmless Purpose Inc, all participating retreat workers and Yonder Luxury Mountain Rentals from any and all claims, demands, personal injuries, costs or expenses, arising out of my participation in this program. I understand I am responsible and liable and will pay Yonder Luxury Mountain Rentals homeowners upon request for any damages to the estate property caused by my misuse, negligence, or damage, inadvertent or otherwise.

I understand that retreat fees I have paid are not refundable if I cancel my reservation less than sixty days before the start date of the retreat event. I understand no refund will be available in the event I am unable to participate in any portion of the retreat, regardless of the reason, or if the retreat as presented is inconsistent with the event as advertised, given unexpected circumstances.

I understand my likeness or voice may be captured in retreat photographs or recordings in public areas of the retreat venue, and I give my permission for full, unrestricted use of these materials by Purpose Inc for marketing and follow-on program purposes.

I understand that my participation in this event is dependent on agreement with this Release.  I have read this agreement thoroughly and have been given the opportunity to ask any questions. I have received and understand the information which was provided.

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Tracy worked with me over a period of five months. It would be a gross understatement to call her simply a “nutritionist” because she is much more. I think that more accurate descriptions of Tracy are “body chemist” or “health therapist.” She is incredibly knowledgeable on how food affects all aspects of one’s body and overall health, and the importance of including various supplements in one’s daily health regimen. Tracy is also well-versed in the role our psyches play in our eating habits and what we choose to put in our bodies. On top of all of that, she’s a great cook! Tracy is a wonderful, supportive health coach who is capable of making huge improvements in a person’s health.

Jonathan Sigel
Attorney and father of three
Westborough, Massachusetts